Men’s Military Army Green BJJ Gi

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Material: 100% Cotton
Pearl Weave Fabric: 350gm/450gm/550gm
Gold Weave Fabric: 550gm
Color: White/Black/Gray/Pink/Navy Blue/Royal Blue/Green
Collar: Eva Foam
Back Seam: No
Stitching: Same/Contrast


Material: 100% Cotton
Ripstop Fabric: 10oz
Jeans Fabric: 10oz
Color: White/Black/Gray/Pink/Navy Blue/Royal Blue
Loops: 6 Drawstring
Knee Pattern: Double Layered Angle
Stitching: Same/Contrast


Adult: A00, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5
Kids: M00, M0, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5

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Establishing Authority: Men’s Military Army Green

Take center stage as our Men’s Military Army Green BJJ Gi takes center stage as you join the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with authority and style. This intimidating outfit represents strength and tenacity on the mat and is  just a uniform.

War-Tested Sturdiness: Men’s Military Army Green

This BJJ Gi is made for warriors and is mean to survive the rigors of rigorous practice sessions and tournaments. The military army green color displays its battle-tested resilience and conveys a feeling of discipline while also hiding the obvious signs of combat.

Accuracy in Design

Because the devil is in the details, our Military Army Green BJJ Gi is the epitome of accuracy in every seam. The Gi’s structural integrity is maintain without sacrificing mobility because to the customize fit. This meticulous design is evidence of our dedication to giving practitioners the best equipment available.

Comfort in Tactical Operations

In every combat sport, comfort is crucial, and our BJJ Gi thoughtfully puts it first. Fighters can concentrate on their tactics rather than any discomfort from their clothing thanks to the carefully selected fabrics that offer a balance of comfort and functionality. It’s a tactical edge on the mat, not just a Gi.

Elegant Camouflage

Incorporate the sophistication of concealment by donning our Military Army Green BJJ Gi. Practitioners may effortlessly combine design and utility thanks to the subdued yet effective color selection. While becoming an expert in BJJ, make a statement and project an air of authority.

Beyond merely sportswear, our Men’s Military Army Green BJJ Gi is an invitation to embrace your inner warrior. Take control of the mat with assurance, knowing that your clothes show off your inner fortitude and resolve. Enhance your BJJ experience by using a Gi that demands respect and focus.

Finally, the Men’s Military Army Green BJJ Gi honors the fighters of the mat. With its formidable appearance, tried-and-true resilience, and tactical comfort, this Gi is designed for individuals who demand perfection from every roll and spar. Take advantage of the power of flair and precision by donning a BJJ Gi made for winners.

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