Rising Sun Headband

Material: 100% Cotton/100% Polyester/Polycotton
Fabrics: Jeans/Micro Twill
Fabric Weight: 8oz/10oz/12oz
Color: All
Layer: Double
Style: Martial Arts


Small, Medium, Large

SKU: M-1143

Availability: Made To Order


Rising Sun Headband is great to wear in class or as part of a martial arts costume. You can wear it during practice or competitions to keep sweat from your eyes while avoiding distracting or incriminating artwork. You could get a sharpie pen and draw your own design on your headband. 


Label: Buyer
Material: As Per Demand
Fabric Weight: As Per Demand
Color: As Per Demand
Printing: As Per Demand
Size: As Per Demand

We accept complete custom Headband in a label, material, fabric weight, color, printing, size and as well as we accept all-new design from the buyer.